Instagram is one of the best social media apps used by businesses looking for a medium to showcase their products and services online. It not only gives them a more engaging way to market their products but also gets their business exposure to billions of active users in the world (1.440 billion active users worldwide).

With a minimum investment, your Instagram posts can get more impressions and you can make the most from your social media marketing strategy. Also, you can use different techniques to get more organic traffic for your website as well.

To make sure that you are always connected to your audience and timely post your content, you need reliable internet service. For this, you can rely on Ziply Fiber which provides reliability, connectivity, and affordability to users who want to use the internet for their home offices and use different social media tools that run on the internet.

Also, you can create and post content on your Instagram page on Instagram on the go. For marketers and small business owners, Instagram offers so many opportunities that you can use to make your business more profitable. Some of these are as follows.

You Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

Instagram is a very cost-effective platform if you want to create awareness about your brand because of the large number of active users who use it to look for different products. Apart from that, because of its picture-centric nature, your audience can easily become familiar with your brand. Also, this can get your customers, prospects, and patrons to become familiar with your products. You can get more opportunities for small businesses to establish connections with active engagement on the platform.

Businesses also consider investing a little amount of money and buying followers. Also, you should think about keeping your content updated and post quality content to attract more customers and convey your brand’s message to the target audience.

You Can Generate Leads at a Lower Cost

Businesses spend a good amount of money to generate leads for their business. Instagram provides businesses with a cost-effective way to save their advertising cost on social media by around 80 percent per lead. This is a good number if you compare the cost of advertising incurred if you use traditional advertising mediums.

Instagram also allows businesses to upscale their costs if they want more exposure for their business and get a relevant audience who will engage in posts and follow their business profile.

Instagram Provides a Boost to Your Content Marketing

To get your customer’s attention and make them show interest in your product and service, you have to make sure that your content aligns with your brand. One of the best things about social media is that sharing content has become easier and faster. All you need is a perfect content marketing strategy so that you can target a better and more relevant audience.

You Get More Traffic and Improved SEO Ranking

Many marketers claim to get an increased amount of traffic on their business website if they ensure a more active presence. A majority of users who use Instagram throughout the day and spend a major part of the day staying online on social media are mainly adults. They follow different businesses on Instagram and buy their products and services as well. Targeting this population is very important for your brand to generate traffic for your brand’s website and increase your SEO ranking.

You Can Create and Release New Trends

Many businesses want to use Instagram to enhance their brand’s message when the trends change. One of the best ways to do so is by using Hashtags as they are major trendsetters on social media platforms and tell people what’s new. If you are someone who runs a small business and wants to get more customers, you should use the relevant hashtags on Instagram.

Your customers might also want to use your hashtags on their posts to come under the same spotlight. For instance, a customer can post a picture wearing Nike shoes and use hashtags like #justdoit which will get them searchable by Nike and other users easily.

Instagram Provides Better Insights for the Content You Post

It is important to reach out to customers and get better knowledge about them. It is a key factor that can help you promote your business and create content. Insights can also help you get an idea about the strategies you might need to use, omit or change to market your product in a better way.

To get this done, you can learn about their demographics, and the content they prefer watching. The information you get from Insights can get you to devise your strategies, design campaigns, offer products and services, and create promotions in a better way.


In the end, one can say that there are so many small businesses that use Instagram to market their products and services. To make the most of your investment, it is very important that you know who your target audience is and ways to create relevant content. Also, you should know what your target audience expects from your brand/small business.